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Future of Advertising

Maurice Saatchi stares into his crystal ball and must be one of the first people to ever moot the 'death of advertising'.

He then goes on to announce the arrival of a new advertising based upon ownership of one word. For example Google own 'search' and Apple own 'innovation'.


Sounds like he's talking about categories and category leadership. But don't Coca-Cola own the cola category. Are Pepsi less successful than Coca-Cola? Is Microsoft or Yahoo less successful than Google? Do people ever realise that Tannoy was actually a brand or even Hoover? No.

Simplifying brands down to one word or even three words does absolutely nothing to differentiate them.

'Because nowadays only brutally simple ideas get through. They travel lighter, they travel faster.'

Who wants to talk to a simple person? So why would you want to talk hear from a simple brand?

I want something that engages me, something to relate to, something that draws out emotions. And one word, or even a sentence, is never going to do that.

Lynx - Bilions

BBH have created this ad for Lynx (Axe) and it ran just once - before the England vs Sweden World Cup match on Tuesday. The ad is gratuitous, purile and pure Lynx. I'm not sure it'll win any awards but it's good old fashioned fun.


Rooney - just do it

W+K have created this great tactical ad for England's World Cp campaign. It's already been receiving a few complaints, which is great. Show's how compelling the message is.

I think they've managed to really capture the feeling of being a fan.

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Nike Principles

1. Our business is change

2. We’re on offense. All the time

3. Perfect results count – not a perfect process
- Break the rules; fight the law

4. This is as much about battle as about business

5. Assume nothing.
- Make sure people keep their promises
- Push yourself; push others
- Stretch the possible
- Expect success – always

6. Live off the land

7. The job isn’t done until the job is done

- Bureaucracy
- Personal Ambition
- Energy takers vs. Energy givers
- Knowing our weaknesses
- Don’t get too many things on the platter

9. It won’t be pretty

10. If we do the right things, we’ll make money damn near automatic

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