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Polkadot Holes

I was reviewing my visitor stats today when I came across this rather wonderful advertising blog, Polkadot Holes. Some really nice thoughts on the site. Keep up the great work.


Genius. That's the only word to describe the Arancina concept. This delicatesan in Notting Hill sells great food and has a comfy seating area upstairs which is great for having a lazy Sunday. However, it has two USPs which make it a must visit London venue.

1. It has a Fiat 500 in the window

2. There is usually a live singer performing nex to the Fiat 500

Like I said. Genius.

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Google Master Plan

You can see more of Google's plans for non-evil world domination here.



Leon is one of my favourite lunchtime restaurants in London. I've blogged about it before here but was compelled to mention it again.

You see I just love the branding. The image on the left is a perfect example of the simple but beautiful branding that they use throughout the restaurant. The waxed lunch boxes that they supply your food in are stuck down with these lovely stickers and the takeaway bag had a marvellous illustration of a bull on it. Brilliant.

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Potato Processing International

I know you're bored of this now. But apparently there's a french fry recession in the USA.

I love the fact that this series integrates so well.

Potato Storage International

There's more! Fascinating topic.


Biscuit World

I can't believe that this publication exists. I can't believe how good the art direction is.


Think Small

I've been reading Ogilvy on advertising recently and this famous DDB ad was one he used to illustrate a point. Anyway, if you read the copy, this ad would be perfect for Smart.

The Champion

The local’s local. A thoughtful interpretation of the great British boozer, the Champion stocks a wide variety of beers (including my favourite Shneiderweisse, serves pistachio nuts by the glass, and makes for the perfect Friday night starting point. Music is dubby (think Thievery Corporation) and the deccor is luxurious. 

An Idea

If RSS was made with anything commercial in mind it would have to be selling offers and new products. How sensible would it be to have the latest properties in your price bracket updated everyday by RSS? How good would it be to have the latest holiday or flight offers flash up daily via an RSS feed? It would just take the pain away from trawling through poorly designed, slow loading sites and also ensure that people saw your companies proposition as soon as they were live rather than having to actually visit your site (which they may only have done a couple of weeks later, if at all).

Do BA offer this? no. Does Foxtons offer this? No. The question is why are all these companies so slow to grasp hold of this? I suspect the answer is that their agencies aren't keen to sell them something that isn't overtly creative.