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Nike Basketball Blog

Nike have become the latest corporate bohemoth to write a blog, well externally anyway (Nike employees have an internal blogging system set up). They have created a basketball blog which sensibly sticks to talking about their latest products, new content on the Nike Basketball site, and Nike sponsored atheletes. There is no corporate hyperbole and the copy reads like a blog should.

The blog is nicely designed with large widescreen shots used in the posts. I hope they launch a football (soccer) blog along these lines in time for the World Cup.

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psfk Fashion

The Greatest Trends Website in the World TM, psfk, has launched a beautiful new site (the word blog doesn't really do it justice). Focusing on fashion, psfk Fashion is a wonderfully designed site that features interviews with the movers and shakers of the fashion world, along with daily updates of all that is going on and exclusive vidcasts.

It's only a soft launch at the moment so you'll be among the first to check it out, but I recommend that you do.


Nike Football

Nike has launched its latest campaign - this time for the 2006 World Cup in Germany. It celebrates the skill and beauty of football whilst protesting against the ugly side of the game. See it here


Buenos Aires - City Report

Here's a brief report on my recent trip to South America's coolest city.

La Recoleta
Recoleta is the home of Buenos Aires elite (both alive and dead). A posh neighbourhood with european designer shops, beautiful apartments and a real cafe culture, La Recoleta is a place to see and be seen. Recoleta is the home of the city's cemetery and the great and the good are buried here. On Sundays the gardens in Recoleta are home to a rather lovely craft fair which attracts a young home grown crowd and the usual tourists.

San Telmo
Is the home of the famous antiques market. It's reminiscent of London's Portobello Road and has the same eclectic mix of people - tourists, traders, hipsters, tramps and charecters. The market is set in a piaza surrounded by beautiful european architecture.

La Boca
Hidden in the 'rough' part of downtown is the colourful La Boca area. The houses in their bright rainbow paint have been photographed a million times but are definitly worth a visit. It's here that you'll be offered a tango, handed a thousand flyers and chat to a sales man whose family came from Liverpool 60 years ago.

The pedestrianised shopping street is a must visit with European and Argentine brands rubbing shoulders. The classical Galerias Pacificos mall is a must visit for the latest Argentine trends and the stunning frescos.

Puerto Madero
This long forgotten area of the city has been rejuvenated in much the same way as docklands in London. The four docks now boast up-market hotels, offices and bars on either side. The British style warehouses have been successfully converted into up-market apartments and offices for the Buenos Aires young professional. The area, like London's docklands, still lacks some soul but is worth visiting just for the Puente de la Mujer bridge.

Palermo is the hottest destination in the city. However, on our visit we found it to be a little overrated. The area is huge and as a result bars and boutiques are far apart. However, the area is obviously developing with new stores opening weekly and the buzy Plaza Cerrano (which has bars in the evening that convert to make shift fashion boutiques during the day) gives an idea of what the area will develop into.

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