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Recycled Trainers

Going green is a huge trend right now. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware as the mainstream media push the environment back to the top of the agenda. This trend is not passing the fashion world by (just look at American Apparel's sustainable collection).
Anti-Apathy have produced a Worn Again trainer range which are made entirely from recycled things - whether it's a prison blanket or a piece of tyre rubber.
via FUK
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The Serum Vs Venom label is about to drop its first range and to celebrate they're holding an exclusive knees up at the Teatro, MGM Grand, Las Vegas. Sadly due to prior engagements I can't make it but it sounds like a top night with SVSV giveaways and some big names showing up.

You can view the current SVSV collection here.
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Connecting People

Online social networking has been around for a long time now but has yet to really take off in the UK. However, a couple of programs released this week may change all that.

There has been a lot of hype (or should that be talk) this week surrounding google talk, the new VOIP service from google that allows users to instant message and talk over the web using their gmail accounts.

The second is imeem. This is based around the concept of a meme (ideas that communities adopt and express). imeem allows users to create their own open or closed social networks including blogs, photos and instant messaging.
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Beastie Boys Remixed

The whole mash-up trend has been bubbling along for a while now and the Beastie Boys, innovators that they are, have tried to bring this and the do-it-yourself creative philosophy to the fore.

To encourage fans to interact more closely with the music, the Beastie Boys have released acapella versions of their songs, along with BPM information so that they can be remixed, mashed up and played to whole new audience of fans friends and peers.

Is this the start of the future of downloading?
via BoingBoing
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Nike Mash-up Classic Hoodies

Nike have created the ultimate mash-up clothing. You will very soon be able to create your own jackets and hoodies. Beneath is having an event on this Thursday on August 25th to launch the new Nike classic hoodies and windrunners which can be zipped together. It just shows how quickly a trend can break into the mainstream.
via hypebeast
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Japan to Have VR TV by 2020

We Make Money Not Art have a really interesting post that follows my post yesterday on BT's futurology.
'The Japanese Communications Ministry is to establish a research group that will work to commercialize virtual reality television by 2020.

VR TV will enable images to be seen in 3D from any angle at a quality equivalent to that offered by high-definition TVs, and allow viewers to feel and smell the objects they are watching.

Users watching a home shopping programs will be able to examine products from various angles and feel them. VR TV technology will also likely be used in telemedicine and other fields.

To simulate the sensation of touch, researchers are considering using means including ultrasound, electrical stimulation and wind pressure. For smells, the development of a device that mixes natural aromatic essences to recreate particular scents will likely be given a major focus.

In addition, studies of human neural pathways and an array of related basic research are expected to be carried out.'
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BT Technology Timeline

BT's futurology department have once again gazed into the future and seen smelly TVs, space elevators and thought input to computers. Using a rather lovely flash animation you can view the predicted developments of industry and lifestyle by clicking on their strands.

BT researcher and editor of the timeline Ian Neild said: "The timeline enables organisations to design technology and products with future customers in mind, with a vision of the kind of environment they will be living in.

"Looking at the future of education or lifestyles, for example, will impact the way BT enhances and develops its broadband network."
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Winter 2005/06 Maharishi

Maharishi have just launched their new Autumn/Winter 2005/2006 collection and this year it is inspired by a collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation. The marketing campaign for the new seasons collection was inspired by photographs of Warhol made-up and dressed as a woman, taken by Christopher Makos in 1981.

The new collection itself can be found here and there are some lovely tweed pieces and the usual military inspired jackets and snopants. Definitely worth checking out and blowing some hard earned cash on.

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The Future of Downloading

Seth Godin, one of the most influential marketing bloggers, has a very interesting post on his blog today regarding the way that the Internet is set to turn the music and movie industry on its head. Again.

He talks of a web where you can no longer file share copyrighted material so free sites become bigger and bigger and the free content becomes better than the paid for content until the guys that used to charge make their stuff available for free just to get a share of the audience. Obviously producers will have to make money some how but we could see a lot more quality free content as publishers and copyright owners become wise to this.


As you may have noticed, possibly having come from there, I have started posting on the excellent PSFK trends blog. PSFK is a collaborative effort run by Piers Fawkes and Simon King (with support from a diverse group but also Guy Brighton). I hope you like what you read on there. If you're a planner or brand manager there's also the ideas blog IF.

Directors Label

The excellent Directors Label have added some more directors to their DVD series. On the heels of Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze and Chris Cunningham come Anton Corbjin, Jonathan Glazer, Mark Romanek and Stephane Sednaoui. My favourite, on first impressions, is Jonathan Glazer thanks to his work for UNKLE, Guinness and Sexy Beast.
via Mooch

Airside & Mums.net

Hot London design studio, Airside, have teamed up with Mums.net and Mothercare to produce a catalogue for new mothers. Beautifully illustrated as you'd expect from the studio that produced Lemon Jelly.

Nike Hammer Watch

Nike seem to have a habit of knocking out great looking products and the Nike Hammer looks the business. It's a very aggressive looking watch but with a funky and playful strap. As a watch it can sustain shocks and is water resistant up to 50m. It's out in early September and will cost £100.
via T3

Suburb store visit

Suburb is a new concept store that has recently launched in London. Its main trade is high quality, fair trade cups of coffee but in addition to this, Suburb stocks some of the coolest records about.

As a concept this draws heavily from Starbucks who have sold the soundtrack to your latte for a while now. Suburb, however, offer you a choice of 49 specially selected albums from the likes of Lemon Jelly, Thievery Corporation and Nouvelle Vague. If this doesn't intrigue you to try one of their caffeinated beverages then the fact that you can receive free wireless broadband surely will.

My visit took place at lunchtime on Sunday. With London quieter than usual the place wasn't exactly busy but the staff were friendly and helpful (they kindly leant my girlfriend and I a pen), the coffee was good, the music not too obtrusive and the prices were reasonable. The decor is also fairly well thought through with plenty of stools and tables to sit at (although these could easily be swallowed up by laptop wielding table hoggers), the design is very industrial with nods to 50s Americana (the coffee machine) and some ipod listening posts. My only issue is that there is nowhere to stretchout your broadsheet newspaper!

I'm sure that Suburb will make most of their money from coffee but they deserve to make some from their innovative idea of selling the CDs too. If you fancy a coffee or a juice and you're in Covent Garden ignore the usual suspects and check Suburb out.