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I've just read an interview with Cilla Snowball, Chairman of AMV BBDO, in which she claims that the biggest challenge facing business now is 'talent'. If this is the case what are AMV doing to attract the best talent? Offering huge graduate salaries, going round all the UK's universities to make sure people are aware, or still paying next to nothing for people who have to have a second income and have heard of AMV? Sadly it's the last option.

My cousin recently graduated from university with a good degree. He'd already had numerous work experience placements in agencies but was well aware of the salaries he'd have to expect and the incredibly competitive recruitment process. So instead of going into agency life he's going to work as a management consultant at Deloitte and earn more than a third more than he would have done at an agency.

Is it any wonder that advertising is failing to attract the best talent. The recruitment process is self selecting and as the IPA census always shows is made up of middle class, white people who can afford to start work earning a pittance. Management Consultancies on the other hand offer great salaries, job stability and world class training.

Yes people should really want to work in advertising and have a desire to succeed but by the same token you need to attract people that can choose between being a city lawyer, management consultant, accountant or advertiser.

What are the Cilla Snowballs of the world going to do about it?