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Style Will Save Us

I received an email today from the editor of a new magazine. I normally don't pay that much attention to press releases but this time they had taken the time to personalise the email so I, being a sucker for personalisation, read on (actually the real clincher was that they had an office address near to my flat):

SWSU is a brand new eco magazine. Unlike most eco magazines, SWSU focuses on saving the planet in the most stylish way possible. Set up by editor Virginia Rowe, SWSU has been designed to fill the void between traditional fashion publications and the serious issue of the environment. Virginia says:

“I adore luxury holidays, good design and fine clothes and certainly don’t adhere to the ‘bongos and birkies’ aesthetic, but at the same time I don’t want what I do or buy to be harmful to me, the people around me, or the environment. It’s definitely possible to have your cake and eat it!"

The magazine looks like a really good avenue for brands with a social conscience and it's a good read to boot - think Wallpaper but ecologically sound.

ps anyone that uses the word 'peachy' is ok with me.

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