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Not so super brands

The Sunday Times recently published a Superbrands supplement with votes from the public and also the Superbrands expert. Now having read both lists they seemed to have been compiled 10 years ago. From memory (the Sunday Times doesn't have a copy on its website) the top five brands were all around pre-internet. Now I'm not suggesting that the British public are wrong, but surely if these brands really were as strong as the British public believes then they'd put their money where their mouths are and purchase from them.

Anyway the reason I'm positng this is that John Grant has a brilliant post on his blog about this:

"According to the latest Interbrand survey Coca-Cola is the most valuable global brand.

That’s like doing a survey and coming out with George Bush as the most popular politician in the world.

Yes Coca-Cola used to be a powerful brand. So were Kodak, General Motors and McDonalds. Times change.

Meanwhile; in 2005 Pepsi revenues overtook Coca-Cola (and now far outstrip them at $37B vs $23B), Coke stock has been languishing (40% down since the mid 90s), chief executives and chief marketing officers have come and gone in fast succession, and numerous analysts, articles, books and commentators have wondered if they have what it takes to turn things around."

You can read the rest of the survey here.