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google vs statcounter

I installed Google Analytics on Sunday night and thought I'd give it a go vs my old faithful Statcounter. Google's interface is really easy to use and much more pleasent than Statcounters. However, it appears to be giving me differnet results from Statcounter.

From this week's data:
On Monday Google said I had 32 visitors - Statcounter said 55

On Tuesday Google said I had 42 visitors - Statcounter said 68

On Wednesday Google said I had 50 visitors - Statcounter said 65

Finally on Thursday Google said I had 37 Visitors - Statcounter said 56

I'm loathe to disagree with Statcounter as I've been with them since the beginning and seen the site have less than ten views a day (they also say I have more visitors which is nice!). So what's the problem and does this afflict commercial site? Could I be paying more for my advertising on a site that uses a certain product to measure traffic vs another that uses a different analytics tool?

Very very strange.