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Sony DSC-T5 - a quick review

I placed this review on Amazon but thought I'd put it here for posterity:

I've been a big fan of Sony digital cameras since I bought my first DSC P72. However, the P72 has, after three years, run out of steam. So prior to my recent holiday in Italy I took the plunge and invested in a DSC-T5 because it had good reviews and it was slim enough for me to carry around everyday.

The experience of actually using the camera is great. Like the P72 it is incredibly simple to use, feels well built with a straight forward physical and electronic interface. The screen is also a great asset being a very generous size. It was on the screen that I frst noticed that photos didn't appear quite as sharp as I'd expected.

Once I'd returned home and downloaded my pictures to my Mac (a very easy and straight forward process) I was disappointed to find that the sharpness of the images was no where near as good as my 3 megapixel P72. It's all very well having an extra 2 megapixels to zoom into but if the image is blurred, as they invaribly are with this camera, it rather defeats the point of the extra pixels. Now I accept that I may not be a great photographer, but my shots looked respectable with the P72. Subsequent tests with the T5 using different settings have failed to produce satisfactory results.

I find the lens of this camera to be of similar quality to the camera in my girlfriends Sony Ericson K750 mobile phone. Not what I would expect from Sony. I can't really recommend this camera. It seems that you sacrifice a lot of quality when you drop down to this camera size.