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Pecha Kucha Night

I've just got back from this event at the Japanese embassy. I'll post more on it later. Suffice to say it was excellent and Pecha Kucha is a great concept.

I just want to note down the following:
1. Presenting is theatre - you need to physically present in person or it's just as if you're watching TV

2. It's a great idea to have slides that last 20 secs each and continue in the background while you talk. Don't start every new slide with 'This is...' of 'This shows...' slides should add to your presentation not be the focus

3. It really makes a difference if you hand an item round for the audience to feel. This didn't happen tonight but it made me think that having something tangible is well worth doing.

4. There's a man working for Panasonic called Keigo Harada and he's a genius. He's invented a shower that works like a water umbrella in an attempt to simplify the bath room and he's invented a bed that breathes - it has a gentle up and down motion. In trials 10 out of 10 babies placed on the bed were asleep within 10 mins!