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Today I was looking for info on response rates and effectiveness for podcasting. I googled it and found quite a few useful, but not definitive, results. So I thought I'd try a bit closer to home. And as the UK is fairly forward looking when it comes to the online world I immediately thought of looking at the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau).

Having landed on their recently re-designed website my first thought was to look at the knowledge bank. As you'd probably expect there wasn’t any info on podcasting. Fair enough. However, when I decided to search for the terms 'podcast' and 'podcasting' it yielded no results whatsoever.

This is appalling.

How can the IAB not have a single article, definition, fact, news item, aside, or even mention of podcasting. Granted the concept is relatively new but it's surely mainstream enough for ad agencies to be thinking about. And as the centre for UK online marketing the IAB should at least have a mention of podcasting somewhere on its site.

By the way, if anyone does have some podcasting marketing stats please let me know.