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It's like a marketers wet dream! The two most innovative companies of the last ten years coming together to release a product with universal appeal.

If you missed it the Nike+ shoes allow you to monitor your sports performance on your iPod. Thanks to a small device built into the shoes a signal is sent to your iPod which is 90% accurate out of the box, according to Apple CEO Steve jobs.

The really interesting part of this concept is the communal nature of the programme. Once you have uploaded the data from your run onto your Mac or PC you can upload it to the Nike Plus website where other users can view your performance.

This is a great opportunity for Nike to create a strong running community and build on the Run London event and the running clubs that it has in its Niketown stores. Bring able to see others performance will encourage you to compete and best other runners times. Hopefully you'll be able to share running tips, routes and gossip with other users.