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The Royal interviews PSFK

The Royal magazine, a quarterly publication that focuses on all that is cool and up and coming, has a feature on PSFK in its latest edition.

Part of the KDU, the Royal has asked Piers of PSFK about his future plans, what PSFK is all about and the future of PSFK and trend spotting.

"There are 2 types of trend firms out there - the old and the new. The old are the 'names' - trend firms run by competitive megastars who coined a phrase in the 80s or 90s or published a book. They have all the old style clients and up until 18 months ago they were, rightly or wrongly, leaders of the pack. Then, mainly due to open digital media platforms like blogs, a new set of folk who used digital tools to openly report on what they were noticing. And what they were observing was different than what the old trend firms were saying."

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