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The Google Backlash?

For so long Google has been the darling of the Internet. Right up to last week experts were predicting that its shareprice would reach $600 this year as it released more products and therefore found newer ways to sell advertising space.

However, the Google bubble, whilst not burst, seems to have been given a sharp poke.

The launch of Google Video has been a major disappointment to many people. Those who were expecting the people's iTunes for video have been drastically let down. jack Schofield at the Guardian says:
"the RSS reader was pretty bad, Google Pack has been described as an embarrassment and a mess, Google Base is at best unimpressive, I've not been to Orkut for ages, and, sorry guys, I've uninstalled Google Desktop and its ultimately disappointing sidebar. Did Google Search, Gmail and Maps set expectations no-one could live up to, or are we watching a company whose ambitions far exceed its abilities?"

Pretty damning stuff. And he's not the only one. Tech Dirt and Davenetics aren't too impressed and Engadget hardly gave it the thumbs up in their coverage.

So with Yahoo clearing up the tagging sites have Google lost their way and their innovation?