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Trends for 2006

In true trends blog style I thought I'd publish a few things that I reckon will be big in 2006. So here they are:

1. Vodcasting to take off and spawn advercasting - thanks to the iPod, PSP and increasing

2. Krumping to dominate the hip hop scene and lead to companies tying in with product and merchandise lines

3. Death of CDs / portable media to become increasingly obsolete -

4. Year of the media centre (brought about by the Xbox 360 and PSP) - Mac will surely consolidate it's forays into the home entertainment market and produce a lifestyle media centre, they may not lead the charge

5. Year of the Longtail - someone will launch a killer long tail company and the book will be launched in spring

6. Web 2.0 to develop and it become the norm to create online content

7. Google to keep pushing the boundaries of free ad supported content

8. First wi-fi cities in Europe and the first Google wi-fi city

9. More and more brands moving their ad budgets online and into new media - as the audience for TV fragments with timeshifting

10. Major TV networks to provide downloads of their programming - this is already beginning to happen

11. Bit Torrent to become massive and mainstream through adoption by mainstream media companies

12. Eco trend to become more forceful - companies will HAVE to have a green/sustainable product

13. Simplification - increasingly there will be fewer choices (to make our lives easier) but increased personalisation. New things will be simple to use and simple to buy (eg iPod) whilst we will personalise our lives by buying second hand goods and be prepared to spend more on rarities, one-offs and customised items

14. Advergaming to be huge

15. More virtual games, becoming full time jobs for people - in the same way that for some, blogging has become their sole employment

If anyone disagrees or thinks I've missed something major, let me know here.