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JC Report features PSFK

The JC Report, the web's leading fashion newletter, interviews trend setters and fashion experts for each newsletter.

The latest issue features Piers Fawkes of PSFK and asks for his opinion on the intersection of fashion, trends and technology.

"We're finding that fashion spreads beyond apparel in more and more ways. Before we may have had our clothes, our car, and our house. Now we also have the other objects in our life to wrap around us and make definitive statements about who we are. Our phone, our PDA, our iPod, our furniture, our vacation reflect who we are — and in today's world we have access to these articles in a way we never had before. As such, we demand products that fit with our lifestyle (or the lifestyle we imagine or aspire to have) from wherever they are available in the world — this impacts product design, packaging, and retail experience."

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