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Annex 3

For a friends birthday this week we all piled along to London's latest eatery, Annex 3. Brought to you by the same people behind Loungelover and Le Trois Garcons, Annex 3 is pretty much what you'd expect from these gastronomic entrepreneurs.

Hassan Abdullah, Stefan Karlson and Michel Lassare have made the decor of Annex 3 a mish-mash of 80s technology, fin de siecleopulencee and 60s swinging London. Playing a good mix of music, which included Koop and Thievery Corporation the venue was spot on. The food is a mash-up of French, Malaysian andSwedishh cuisine and the menu promises some interesting dishes.

The experience itself was pretty good, although the service was rather slow and the portions a little too small for our liking. However, if you're at a loose end in central London this place isdefinitelyy worth a visit.