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Amaztype & Mashapplications

Amaztype is a flash based navigational tool for Amazon. Using its very simple interface users can search for either books, music or films. Once the search is on Amaztype pulls together all the images of all the relevant books, cds or dvds and spells out the search word. The titles are navigable with basic information available and an option to click through to the title's Amazon page.

This really enhances the experience of using Amazon and it's a cool gimmick to show your friends.

Amaztype is a great example of mash-up and is one that other companies should look to explore. Coincidentally, Influx have a post on their blog regarding the Washington Post Remix. Readers have been encouraged to create useful applications in the same way that Google and Yahoo have encouraged people to put their mapping software to alternative uses.

Influx point to a step by step guide to achieve this:

1. Media company creates original content

2. External web developers play with content and build new applications for users to access that content

3. Users interact with content in new ways that are more relevant to them

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