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SVSV - aformofwar

The second Serum vs Venom collection was announced last night.

Collection 2 continues to draw upon traditional street wear cuts, this time utilizing materials such as fireproof CarbonX and sustainable fabrics such as pure bamboo and soy, while continuing to use touches of exquisite vicuna and pure cashmere.

"The mixture of fabrics is both highly functional yet eco-friendly," said Jenna Rivers, lead designer.

"The first collection focused on lush natural fibers and the occasional exaggeration of traditional street wear silhouettes. This collections is an about face adhering purely to function and reductionism," said David Gensler, Creative Director.

Collection 2's title, aformofwar, is an extreme and direct reference to the position SVSV takes against other street wear and luxury brands.

They have also announced that an online store is on its way.
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