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I Want That One

Apple seem to have a habit of releasing products on the same day as England matches at the moment. After all the hype, speculation and rumour, Apple have finally released the much vaunted iPod Video. Another opportunity to eat into the PSP's market. First Apple released the Nano almost straight after the PSP launch, now they've produced a product that competes with the PSP directly. Not only does the new iPod play video back, Apple have made sure that there is content to go with it - surely the key to a products success.

The details of the new iPod are as follows: 2.5 inch display, 30GB or 60GB hard drive and available in black or white. And it's just £219.

I think there are plenty of opportunities for advertisers to do something interesting with this new product - possibly free sponsored content...

Let's hope England fare better tonight than they did when the Nano was launched.

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