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Coffee or Sex?

Dunkin' Donuts have released the results of a survey they conducted recently which shows that more adults would give up sex rather than coffee. According to Trendcentral 'Just like that other primal urge, people are looking for more variety than soy milk or extra foam in their caffeine, and don't want to just choose from a list of frappalatteccinos anymore. Along with t-shirts and sneakers, coffee is the latest item to customize. In fact, 28% of American adults prefer to customize their beverages compared to other items, which may account for the recent surge in flavored coffees. Coffee drinkers want to make their respective beverages their own, which is why you can now get a coconut cinnamon marshmallow coffee along with your box of Munchkins, as Dunkin' Donuts now has a flavor menu from which customers can choose up to three add-ins to their cup 'o joe.'