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PSFK ideas hunt

Another blog that I contribute to PSFK is on the hunt for some great ideas:

'Need funding to help your idea become other folk's inspiration? Two Fortune 100 companies (in beverages and health & beauty respectively) want to meet people with superb ideas in early October to help bring your ideas to life.

PSFK has been asked to help find 25 clever persons to attend a round of 'speed-investing' in early October in New York City. Each person will get about 5 minutes with an executive from one of the major brands in attendance before moving on to the next. You get about 6 to 8 sessions.

What type of ideas? We all know brands these days want to get involved with smart projects - they support, you get to make your idea come true, they get the benefits of being associated, the world thinks you're both smart cookies. Well, that's the concept, anyway. Although ideas can come from anywhere, the result must be visible in the US.'

So if you're just waiting for your big break check it out here