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Nike ID Experience

I've just had my first full Nike ID experience from start to finish and it feels good! Back at the beginning of August I reported on a cool new Nike product that was to be released in September, the Nike Hammer watch, so I immediately began looking for this good looking piece of kit. My first port of call was obviously the Nike website and then the Nike ID site where, lo and behold, was the timepiece that I sought.

So, I began to enter into the enjoyable process that is purchasing from the Nike ID store. Despite the ubiquity of Nike products, the ID store makes you feel like you are buying something exclusive. Obvious you might think but however you personalise your purchase it's still going to have a big tick on it somewhere. However, the way in which you purchase and the level of customisation really allows you to create something that is massclusive (available to the masses yet exclusive).

The layout of the site is great and very intuitive with instant rendering of your customisations. The process is fairly quick and provides a great opportunity for you to show off your design skills to your mates and create the piece of kit that you've always wanted. Once I had designed my watch the registration process was simple and within weeks I was tracking my delivery through UPS.

The ID site is definitely worth checking out and gives you the opportunity to create a personalised Nike item, something that only top athletes have had the opportunity to do until now. The idea of mass customisation has been kicking around for a while now but it is surely here to stay and as more companies realise that they can charge a premium for this experience the more quickly it will spread.
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