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Landmark Houses

Entrepreneur Jeremy Paxton has commissioned an ambitious architectural project built in the Cotswolds at the Lower Mill Estate near Cirencester.

'The 'Landmark Houses' programme is envisioned specifically for the site at Lower Mill Estate, in the Cotswold Water Park, where we have invited a number of architects, such as Will Alsop, Eva Jiricna, Sutherland Hussey, Richard Meier and Partners, Roger Sherman, Sarah Featherstone, Alison Brooks, Piers Gough, Greg Lynn, etc. - an older generation at the peak of their inventiveness, but still in wonder at the world out there, and a younger generation in the process of re-invention as they gather a second breath - and asked each one to speculate on the architectural poetics and ecological considerations for the design of a 'landmark house' within such a context.'

The project will display how creative modern architecture is and provide incredible homes for 21st century Britain.
Landmark Houses
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