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Cars of the Future

The World Automotive Design Competition took place in March of this year and threw up some great ideas. The premise of the competition is that young designers from all over the world create a concept for a mass production car that is in line with today's budgets for their own country but could be sold throughout the world.

'The vehicle had to be easily recognized as coming from a particular culture. The design, therefore, needed to reflect the culture of the country where the student currently studies. The car had to be conceived and presented as a vehicle intended for full-scale production (at least 100,000 units per year), ten years from now, in 2015. Additionally, the car could not cost more than the average price of cars offered for sale in the student's country of study.'

My favourite was the third placed effort from Yoshiyuki Kashiwagi from Japan's Tokyo Zokei University for his entry 'C-H Compact'.

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