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Tipping Point & Medici Effect

These are two books that just ooze with creative juice. Having read Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point in just a day whilst on holiday and having read the Medici Effect by Frans Johansson, pretty quickly on the tube I have been inspired.

Both books demonstrate how we can be more creative. The Tipping Point demonstrates how it is small things that can make the big difference whether it is cleaning the NYC subway to half the murder rate or getting kids in the Bronx to endorse the latest Reebok trainers so that they sell thousands of pairs in the suburbs and small towns. This builds on diffusion research that shows how trends spread - virally.

The book is brilliantly written, thought provoking and filled with great personalities and entertaining anecdotes. A must read.

The Medici Effect looks at finding the idea that breaks through. Frans Johansson examines the best ways to generate ground breaking ideas and argues that the answer is cross pollination of expertise. He cites the success of Virgin moving from record label to trans Atlantic carrier and also the success of an architect who examined how termites build their nests to create an office building in Zimbabwe that didn't need air conditioning. He argues that the best ideas are found at the intersection of expertise.

The Medici Effect is highly recommended to those who are looking for the next big thing.