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American Apparel

This lunchtime I popped out for a quick field visit at the American Apparel store that has opened on Carnaby Street. The store has a subtle 80s feel to it gone are the ubiquitous LCD screens of most high streets and in their place we have early 80s looking monitors. The clothing is a minimal version of Gap - all the garments are made from cotton and have a real athletic summery feel to them. The cut of the garments seem to enhance the figure rather than engulf it as most American brands tend to do.

Not only great clothes but they have an ethical dimension too. All the clothes are made in the US and do not employ sweatshop labour. In addition, they stock a Sustainable range made from organic cotton.

American Apparel is a welcome addition to London's shopping and having booked my summer holiday I will be spending a good deal of money there to get fully kitted out.