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Nike: new branding approaches - Curation

On the plane the other day, I fell into conversation with a guy from Nike. (The first rule of anthropological engagement: talk to everyone, all the time, about anything they will talk about.)

He told me that a new way Nike creates meaning for the brand is through a process called “curation.” A creative team from Beaverton takes a sport and dives into its history and material culture. They are as curators examining the material remains of the game. In the case of soccer (football), they went to England to visit a famous public soccer pitch. They found a sign in the clubhouse that read something like “no boots in the shower.”

Perfect. “No boots in the shower” is going to appear on packaging. It may appear in advertising. It’s a phrase that captures the ambience of men’s sports: the hectoring tone of the club house, the sheer density of the male athlete, the inextinguishable need to spell out the obvious. via Influx